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with TRIPLE ARCADE Gaming Kiosk

Vintage Gaming Controller

Our Story

We wanted to mix Nostalgia and Socialization together!

So we Installed our Retro Gaming Stations at Public Places like Malls, Restuarants, Cafes and Workplaces. 

At first, people were hesitant to play in public. But soon, they realized that gaming was a great way to connect with others.

Strangers became friends over high scores and friendly competition. Families bonded over nostalgic memories of their favorite childhood games. And coworkers took a break from their busy schedules to blow off some steam and have fun.

Triple Arcade's mission was to revolutionize the way people engage with each other in public spaces, and we're proud to say that we've succeeded.


Our retro gaming kiosks have become a staple in many communities, bringing joy and laughter to people of all ages. So come on, grab a joystick, and let's play!

Triple Arcade

A Brand Of Zlife Education 

Our gaming stations, consoles, and software are the perfect addition to Hotels, Airports, Resorts, Clubs, and any other location where people love to engage in interactive play.

Get ready to take your entertainment to the next level with Triple Arcade!

Let's bring the fun to life!

Vintage Gaming Controller


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